Buprenorphine Treatment For Codeine Withdrawal ?

Buprenorphine Treatment For Codeine Withdrawal ? 

Buprenorphine Treatment For Codeine Withdrawal ?

Buprenorphine Treatment For Codeine Withdrawal ?

Buprenorphine treatment is another type of treatment for opioid dependence. Buprenorphine is the generic name for the medication SuboxoneMethadone maintenance treatment is very similar to buprenorphine treatment. Opioid dependent and codeine addicted individuals usually go back to using codeine and other narcotics when trying to get off opioids such as oxycontin, heroin, and vicodin, among others. Most addicted individuals are unable to last through the opioid withdrawal period and don’t even last a several days. Others get off the codeine or narcotic, but with the first major problem in their lives, they return to drug use. Buprenorphine treatment can help stop this continuous cycle of addiction.

Buprenorphine treatment will stop the difficult opioid withdrawals. Since buprenorphine is another narcotic, it will stop these withdrawals. It also stops with cravings that an addict is having. Many patients return to opioid use because of sweating, cramps, and cravings during withdrawal. Buprenorphine (an opioid) places the opioid back in the patient’s system. It has to be prescribed and watched by a physician. If one is unable stop opioids, it is better to be on one that is supervised, rather than buying it off the street with all the problems that come with doing this. Eventually for many, the desire is to get off the buprenorphine treatment with the aid and medication from a doctor. Some are able to get completely sober.

Why Buprenorphine Treatment ? Why Not Just Quit Suddenly

Staying  on a narcotic such as methadone or buprenorphine works better than just suddenly stopping. When a patient is not having to be think constantly about the cravings they are having, they are able to focus on getting better. When they don’t have to worry about losing their next employment from being tardy or getting high, they can focus on treatment. The goal of buprenorphine treatment is to maintain the person in a good place so they can work on other areas of their life  first.

Opioid dependence kills patient’s lives. Heroin patients frequently have crime problems. Others are duplicating prescriptions from their doctor or they are doctor shopping. Not being able to hold down employment causes financial turmoil. Marriages divorce or are on the edge because of all the arguing and sneaking around. It is hard to fix one’s problems when a person is spending their time looking for narcotics and codeien. One danger: Codeine and opioids can found and taken by children. Family learns to distrust you. People want buprenorphine treatment to stop all these issues.

Is Buprenorphine Treatment an Inconvenience?

Buprenorphine treatment is much less of an inconvenience and easier to follow than methadone maintenance treatment. The assessment is done in a doctors clinic. Getting stabilized on buprenorphine can be done within a week for most. The nice thing about buprenorphine treatment, it that when one is stable on the medication, they only need to go to their physician’s office once per month to get the prescription. Methadone maintenance may require going to the clinic daily.

Buprenorphine treatment is less intrusive than methadone maintenance. They see their own physician and are not around other addicted individuals. It is easier to get in and see a buprenorphine physician than to get seen at a methadone clinic. During treatment, patients will go to their own counselor or to step meetings for therapy. In most cases, they get to say who they will see for counseling. Buprenorphine is a tablet and is taken sublingually (under the tongue).

In summary, buprenorphine treatment is another alternative for codeine dependence and opioid dependence. Although not all individuals talking methadone for addiction treatment will successfully be able to convert to buprenorphine, many can. Now methadone is not the only medication that will work for opioid addiction and codeine addiction. Be aware the generic name for suboxone is buprenorphine.

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