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Codeine Addiction Doctor Directory

If you are needing to find a codeine addiction doctor for narcotic addiction, use our free codeine addiction doctor directory to find treatment in your area. A suboxone doctor or suboxone physician has training to treat codeine addiction with the use of the drug suboxone. Suboxone treatment has been available for codeine addiction treatment for about ten years.
When individuals don’t want to use methadone maintenance treatment for codeine addiction then Suboxone is an alternative drug that is very similar to methadone treatment. Suboxone treatment has been growing quickly over the past decade for opioid treatment. It has shown to be a treatment success for this form of addiction. It has helped many patients with codeine addiction, heroin dependence, painkiller, oxycontin addiction, and any narcotic dependence either to taper slowly (detox) from those medications or to receive long-term treatment (maintenance) with suboxone.

Who Is A Suboxone Physician or Suboxone Doctor ?

You can find more information here about the requirements for a suboxone doctor. The good thing about a suboxone physician is that treatment is usually done at a physician’s clinic rather than at a methadone clinic. Once a patient is doing well on suboxone, they are able to reduce their appointments to once per month rather than having to go to methadone treatment at a methadone maintenance center daily. Convenience and privacy are better with suboxone treatment for codeine addiction than with methadone treatment.
Your doctor may be a suboxone doctor and prescribe this drug. Many thousands of doctors in the US are now able to prescribe this medication for codeine addiction. This means your own private family practice doctor may be a suboxone doctor or a suboxone physician. However, if your own family practice doctor doesn’t prescribe suboxone for codeine addiction, you will be able to find a suboxone doctor in your town by using our directory.

Suboxone Doctor or Suboxone Physician : Is This a Good Treatment for Codeine Addiction?

Suboxone treatment has many advantages you should know. You can find out more about what suboxone treatment can do for you by reviewing some of the posts here. Even pregnant mothers with opioid addiction have found suboxone able to help them.
Heroin dependent patients who use IV drugs are not the only patients looking for suboxone treatment. Addiction to painkillers narcotics has increased over the previous decade and this has become a major source of hospital visits. Patients who began being treated for chronic pain find themselves dependent to their medication. Suboxone can help these patients break the dependency too.
There are some patients who many not do as well with this type of medication treatment. Patients with severe narcotic and codeine addiction may need a higher level of care like a methadone treatment facility. They might not do as well with a suboxone doctor as some others. Having an evaluation with a suboxone doctor is needed to determine whether this treatment will be appropriate for you. To find out the level of care you require for codeine addiction and how bad your dependency is, get an addiction assessment from a suboxone doctor.