Find a Methadone Clinic In Your State (With Maps)

Treat Codeine Addiction Through a Methadone Clinic

Going to a methadone clinic for codeine addiction treatment is one way to overcome opioid addiction. Occasionally an codeine addiction is so severe that a patine is not to get off the medication on their own. Each time they try to stop taking the codeine or opioid, the withdrawals return and they are too difficult to tolerate.

There are several treatment options for the codeine addicted patient. One is seeing if their physician can help them slowly reduce off the codeine with another narcotic such as suboxone. Suboxone (also called buprenorphine) treatment has been used for opioid treatment over the past ten years. However, we are discovering that a severe opioid dependency usually needs some type of opioid maintenance treatment for several months to many years. If suboxone treatment is not working for them, then the other option is going to a methadone maintenance facility.

Methadone treatment centers have been around for many decades. They are a good addiction treatment option for many. However, a person has to go to the methadone clinic daily to get their prescription. Patients will also be able to receive therapy and other forms of assistance at the methadone treatment center. Once a person is doing better at the methadone treatment center , they may be able to go less often, but usually not less than every 5-7 days.

Methadone Clinic Issues

A lot of patients have many issues with going to a methadone clinic for codeine addiction. They can be located in less dangerous areas of your city. They may be crowded and a patients may have less privacy because of this. The frequent clinic appointments are a major hassle for methadone clinic patients. They have to arrive before work to get their prescription, and there usually is a line. This makes getting to a job on time more difficult. It make taking care of other responsibilities such as family more difficult. Driving to to methadone clinic uses a lot of gas which is expensive. It also can take a lot of time which takes away from other things.

Operating a methadone clinic needs approval from the several government agencies. Methadone treatment clinics are closely watched by the government. Society seems to not want a methadone clinic in their their own back yard. It can be embarrassing to tell others you are attending to a methadone clinic. However, going to a methadone clinic for codeine addiction and opioid addiction treatment is a works for many that have not been able to stop their addiction.

An Alternative to Going to a Methadone Clinic

Suboxone works for many as a good methadone clinic alternative. Suboxone is a great choice for people who have less of opioid addiction. Suboxone is prescribed in the privacy of your own physician’s clinic. This is allowed because suboxone is safer than methadone as a medication. It is abused less often, an has less of a chance of causing a fatal overdose.

Both methadone and suboxone have been used to treat pregnant mothers who have an opioid addiction. Patients can go to a methadone clinic and the physician there will work with the doctor following your pregnancy to get the best outcome possible for you child. Suboxone is also used during addiction pregnancies, but in the privacy of a physician’s office. It is important to understand that both methadone and suboxone treatments need therapy as part of treatment to help with other areas of the person’s life. Therapy is provided through a suboxone physician’s office or at a methadone clinic.

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